Frequently Asked Questions

How a proper CV should look like?

When you apply for a new position your CV is the first thing that your future employer looks at. That is why it should be perfect, and contain a maximum amount of useful information about yourself in a reasonable amount of text. Most people underestimate the CV, they send unclear and not properly formatted CVs with missing information, which drastically reduces their chances.

Let’s not forget that an employer receives tens if not hundreds of CVs and often he just glances at them and rates the best ones. If your CV is not properly formatted and the information is not structured in the right way, your CV might not receive the attention it deserves.

While preparing your CV, be sure that the information within is precise and take a more creative approach to the structure.

In a good CV the information is divided in paragraphs, and an appropriate font is chosen for the less important information. It is always a good idea to use a template if you are struggling with the structure of your CV.