Frequently Asked Questions

How we should behave during an interview?

Although an interview is considered a stressful event, you should always try to be calm, honest and above all always be yourself. Often, while striving to show your best side you use “template” phrases, your body takes an unnatural position, you have an awkward smile and you give the answers that you think the interviewer wants to hear. You should consider that you are sending out information about yourself not only with your clothes and overall appearance but also with your behavior, your eyes and even with your voice. You should sit up straight but comfortable, use open gestures that speak of your honesty and good nature and don’t move too much on your chair. You have to avoid: speaking too slow or too fast, too low or too loud, don’t interrupt, don’t explain yourself if you haven’t been asked a question, don’t drum with your fingers on the table, don’t sit in a threatening pose, or in a pose that shows that you are worried or worse that you are hiding something.