Successful business needs the right people. We will save you valuable time by finding the best candidates for you.

We only need the profile requirements for the position you wish to fulfill and at the end of the recruitment process to decide which of the suitable candidates you want to hire. We will do everything else for you according to our written procedures for the recruitment proces.

We know the specifics of the labor market in Bulgaria and we know how to plan every step of the selection process in order to successfully complete the project. The time we live in has completely changed the recruitment process. We are the ones who have to search for your employees and we have to “sell them the position”. Jobseekers who are actively looking for a job are not many. Thanks to the marketing experts we work with, we are able to attract the talent you need.


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When looking to recruit new talent and you do not want to spend hours in labor law, HR administration, calculations, and obligations for reporting wages and taxes, we offer to you leasing of personnel or temporary staffing (regulated as such in Section VIII “v” of the Bulgarian Labor Code).

We have a license as a temporary employment agency, which we renew every 5 years. What is the service? The staff is hired by us on fixed-term contracts and the working place and management control over the work, done by employees on leasing, is your responsibility / in the office, in the warehouse, in the factory, etc./. In this way, you focus on your core competencies, and you rely on us as a licensed Staff leasing agency to manage compliance with all the regulations of the labour law, social and health insurance, and other paperwork.

Your obligation is only for management control over the work, done by the employees on leasing, and reporting the hours they have worked.

In case you need to have flexible number of employees depending on your needs or you still do not have a company in Bulgaria, but you are planning to do it, please contact us at +359 888 450 935 or

We will gladly answer all the questions you may ask.




Headhunting is a service, exclusively offered for managerial positions. Despite of the fact that every headhunting is a 9-step process for us, our service is specially formatted according to your requirements and delivers exceptional results. We have the contacts and the ability to identify exactly those people who will become the heart of your company – whenever and wherever you need them.


We always stand behind you with a commitment to help you retain your most precious talents along with the talent you have hired from our partnership. Still, who can help you keep your employees, if not a Recruitment Agency, which knows all the reasons why employees are leaving?


We respect and adhere to the highest professional standards as per our Business Ethics Code. It is easy to do the job when the professionalism is on our side.


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The process of firing is usually associated with unpleasant emotions.  The process is managed effectively by us according to the service we can provide you, namely Outplacement – the painless way to part yourself with an employee, especially if you would like to show him that he was very important to the company. In parallel with he termination of his contract, you could provide career counseling, assistance in finding a new job, helping with writing a CV and a letter of motivation, and preparation for an interview.


This service helps the company maintain its reputation as a good employer even when it is forced to cut back. The service is a way to avoid or reduce stress for employees and their families. Thus, the redundant retain their loyalty to the former employer. Such a gesture of the company increases the trust of the remaining employees, clients and investors.

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In case you would like to keep the salary information for all your employees strictly confidential, or you do not have someone with expertise in the labor law and salary administration field, you can take advantage of our payroll services.

We have experience with companies from different industries and with different schedules of work– standard working hours or working on shifts, with different calculations of working time, night shifts, overtime, one or more locations of the business.
We will assist you in shaping all types of contracts, job descriptions, appointment, dismissal, redundancy, and various labor-law disputes.


What you will get from us:

  • Preparation and submission of notifications to the National Revenue Agency (NRA), in accordance with Art. 62 5 of the Labour Code;
  • Preparation and declaration with electronic signature at the NRA of social security declarations – Declaration Form 1 and Declaration Form 6;
  • Preparation of company’s salary payment documents and the individual salary slips;
  • Calculation and payment of remuneration to employees’ individual bank accounts (under active power of autorney to the bank account);
  • Preparation of supporting documentation in accordance with current legislation (summaries – overall, in units, payrolls, fiches, declarations);
  • Payment of all social, health insurance and income taxes into the state budget;
  • Preparation of regular and occasional reports related to data for salary and personnel (provisioning of leaves, overtime, unused leaves, garnishments, hours worked, absences, etc.) tailored to the customer needs;
  • Preparation of information required in carrying out audits regarding social security and taxes, financial audits, actuarial valuation, labour inspection, statistics, etc.;
  • Preparation and submission of official notes, certificates and other documents on request of the employees;
  • Preparation and submission (on request) declarations, statements, reports and certificates for external institutions – NRA, NSSI, NSI, IT, EA and others;
  • Administration of hospital and leave / treatment and submission to NSSI;
  • Preparation of reports to HR department and accounting department;
  • Consultancy in Labour Code issues (on request) to comply with all legal requirements and changes;
  • Processing of civil contracts.

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Each of our corporate trainings is targeted at a different aspect of business life and is designed to empower the human capital to achieve the business goals faster and easier. We do not teach your employees, we train them by doing practical games and real “tailor made” business cases!

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