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My name is Dafina Damianova and 25 years ago I founded the HR and consulting agency Correct-Consult Bulgaria Ltd.

Over the years, we have constantly expanded the portfolio of services we provide to our customers, and as the owner I had to deal with sales to potential and current customers, too.

When we started the majority of projects our team worked on were for commercial companies, primarily recruiting for sales positions at all levels. With time, I have conducted thousands of interviews with salespeople, from the lowest to the highest positions. I have noticed that, in general, many of them are not trained well (if at all) and rely primarily on their own intuition in their professional engagements instead of solid sales process methodology.

So, often we had to train the people we hire. This is how the idea to focus our efforts in this area of human resources, namely training and development was born.


2000 – We started as a small consulting agency that  provides more personalized services in the sphere of selection of personnel and human resources management, according to the specifics of each of our clients.

2004 – In the next few years, we gradually expanded the services we offered: Employee leasing (including all administrative activities related to labor and legal matters), Headhunting, Career counseling, Personnel audit, Role analyses, specialized training depending on the needs, and above all – sales training where we have proven most helpful to our clients.

2013 – We added to our portfolio external company consulting (full or partial), preparing personalized plans for each of our clients. In 2018, some of our consultants became certified in DISC profiling – one of the best personality assessment tools, which is extremely useful in building stronger and more effective working relationships in business organizations.

2020 –  We brought into being the online platform www.myjobistosell.com – a synthesized sales training in 9 modules with a total of 102 video topics as a supplement to the live trainings we conduct.


My job it to sell

We are actively engaged in practice. The salespeople we train, too. And that is why we offer you something different than just a standard training. We work with and teach only concepts and techniques that we have personally tried with our clients for more than 20 years and which work in the Bulgarian business environment.

In our online platform www.myjobistosell.com  we have added scientifically proven information from the world-class and most up-to-date sources possible, of course. Clearly, we carry out traditional sales trainings (4-hour, one-day or two-day) as well, especially when the teams have very little to build on or master.

This training will benefit anyone in sales, regardless of their experience or level in the hierarchy. All of us are constantly learning and refreshing our knowledge in order to sell easier and faster.

There are many success stories. Expert knowledge, no matter how advanced, always requires joint efforts from a team of specialists. It also requires different perspectives. If your team is in sales, we will be happy to share modern sales methods that really work.

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